shed winter

by bowls

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released February 17, 2019


all rights reserved



bowls New Delhi, India

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Track Name: Jaded
He looked at me and said
how can I be anyone but myself?
but its hard
and it tears him apart
cause people dont
how straight
and afraid
he is

And she said come here you
how can I get enough of you?
who knows why
she feels kinda shy
but thats okay
cause we'll just wait
till its late
in the night
Track Name: W.I.G.F.Y.
What’s with all this weight you’re holding
all this time that you’ve been rolling
your lips wide and your eyes golden
you don’t need these bags just throw them

How many masks do you have to put on
do you wake up well before dawn
to make sure that no one sees
how you’ve been hurting and hiding in trees

When was the last time
you were someone you recognised
when you looked in the mirror
and you didn’t despise
every inch of what's inside
your head

When was the last time
you were someone you respected
when you looked into my eyes
did you feel connected
did you feel accepted
at all?
Track Name: Fool pt. 1
I’ve been
trying to save
a little boy
who dug his grave
years before
he needed it
now he wishes
to escape

He says he won't
need my help
cause he’s too proud
of himself
but every time
he takes a step
I see him running
out of breath

Boy I know what you’ve been trying to do
If I was you, I’d do it too
for the little boy that lives inside
for all the times that you cried
for all the things you left unsaid
for all the things you owed yourself
since the time you realized
there’s more to you than just your eyes
Track Name: Fool pt. 2
I won't be a fool
I’ll be calm and cool
but I can be your fool
if you’ll be mine too

I won't be afraid
if you’re here to stay
but I can be brave
if you choose to go away

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